What are the most anticipated anime games of 2019?

What does 2019 have in store for anime gaming lovers? Here are our top three games – read on and see what you think. We know you’ll love them.  


This anime-styled RPG is set in a vast fantasy world inspired by a variety of myths and cultures. Throughout the game, the main character, Ajna, can absorb “Incarnations”, which is how she sources her power. Each Incarnation tells a unique story and lends a unique ability. The 2D animation is a work of art.

Code Vein

Dubbed the “Dark Souls of anime”, Code Vein meets expectations. It is a punishing, methodical slash adventure, in which players have to plan their attacks carefully for maximum impact, control their stamina meter so they can do what they want and when they want to, and unleash parries and dodges at an exact right time.

Some of the characters look and act weird, but don’t worry, you can change your character style whenever you want.

You’ll be followed into battle by AI-powered helpers, and you can steal your enemies’ blood to fuel Code Vein’s magic attacks and strengthen your character. Generally, you’ll know what to expect when Code Vein finally launches in 2019.

Jump Force

Anime fans were delighted by the spectacular announcement of this game. Jump Force is actually a way to celebrate Weekly Jump Magazine’s 50th anniversary. The action in the game takes place in the combined reality of the world and Jump World. As a result, the characters appear realistic and lifelike, yet do not diverge from their animated form. Characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball,  Naruto and more come together for the first time ever to join efforts and prevent a disastrous, world-shattering event. We can’t wait – and you probably can’t either.

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